Fitness Scratch-off Poster

We made a Fitness Scratch-Off Poster with 50 different goals on it.
Perfect for people that want to get started with there fitness journey/goals
but don’t know where to start.

The Scratch-off Poster

Achieve 50 fun and constructive goals for your fitness journey.

The perfect gift for someone who (again) starts his or her fitness journey! Our 50 goals Fitness Journey Scratch Off Poster is full of fun, colorful illustrations that we designed ourselves together with an illustrator.

With 50 constructive goals, there is something achievable for everyone! All goals can be achieved at home or in the gym.

Completing this bucket list together with your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend is the perfect way to pick up sports again and work towards your goals in a fun way.

Being able to conjure up another one of the cheerful, colorful illustrations is the motivation for you to achieve even more goals. In this way, your process becomes visible in a fun way.

Explanation and guidance

Our fitness poster is suitable for novice athletes who want to make a serious start to their fitness journey.

There are 8 goals with a nice structure, from easy to difficult. In addition, you also have a number of extra difficult bonus goals that are slightly more difficult and challenging, which is why the fitness poster is also suitable for avid athletes to test which goals you can achieve!

How does it work?

You hang the poster, reach your goal and Scratch!

To make sure your doing the exercise with a proper form, visit our explanation and guidance page

Step 1

When you have our poster, hang it somewhere visible in view. 

Step 2

Now select a goal you want to try to achieve and go for it! 

Step 3

When you have reached one of the goals now you can scratch that goal out and you have 49 more to go! 

Product information

  • The poster is in A2 format.
  • Bucket list for athletes: great bucket list to stay motivated during your fitness journey.
  • 50 colorful illustrations.
  • Highest quality: 250G coated paper, sturdy and splash resistant.
  • Explanations for the exercises are on the back of the Poster.
  • Created by a certified personal trainer.
  • The fresh and beautiful design also makes it perfect as wall decoration.
  • The special gift packaging makes it very suitable to give as a gift.

We also have Fitness Programs

From Powerlifting, weightlifting to running programs!

If you need a little more guidance with your fitness goals, try one of our programs!

Our customer experiences

Dylan Doldersum
Dylan Doldersum
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I was skeptical about this scratch-off poster at first, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! The illustrations are super cute and the goals are easy to follow. I love that it's a fun way to stay active and track my progress. Highly recommend!
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This scratch-off poster is a game changer! It's been really helpful for me to see my fitness goals and stay motivated to reach them. The high-quality material and cute designs make it feel like a premium product. I'll definitely be getting more in the future!
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I was really excited to try this scratch-off poster and it did not disappoint! It's a fun and creative way to stay active and track my progress. The illustrations are super cute and the exercises are easy to follow. I love that it's a unique product and I've already seen improvement in my fitness since using it. Highly recommend!
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This scratch-off poster is a must-have for anyone looking to stay active and reach their fitness goals. The illustrations are cute and the exercises are easy to follow. It's a fun and unique way to track my progress and stay motivated. The quality is excellent and I'd highly recommend this product to anyone.

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